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Master bath with tile floor, fancy cabinets, large mirror, and bathtub

Remodeled Bathrooms: What You Should Expect

If you are planning on having your bathroom remodeled, you might not know the things you should expect. From planning your new bathroom with a professional contractor and interior designer to the unveiling of your freshly remodeled space, there are Learn More

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New residential construction home framing against a blue sky.

Expanding Vertically – Adding a Second Floor to Your Home

Does ripping your roof off to add a new level to your house make you nervous? Does it seem like too drastic a change for you? If it means you’ll gain much-needed space in your home, should you do it? Learn More

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Portrait of house for rent

Remodeling Your Rental Property: Is It Worth It?

  When you own a rental property, you should be ready to take responsibility and some risks for your investment.  Like they say, if you want to reap the rewards of your property, you should take those risks. We can Learn More

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