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Master bath with tile floor, fancy cabinets, large mirror, and bathtub

Remodeled Bathrooms: What You Should Expect

If you are planning on having your bathroom remodeled, you might not know the things you should expect. From planning your new bathroom with a professional contractor and interior designer to the unveiling of your freshly remodeled space, there are some things you can expect. Let us tell you what they are:


#01. First meet with your contractor and interior designer.

The contractor and interior designer will work hand-in-hand to turn your ideas into a reality. Your designer will get information on the bathroom space from your contractor and you will be presented with different options. Your ideas will then be incorporated, and suggestions for your remodel will be presented, too. The planning phase also includes a presentation of material samples.


#02. Constant communication with the contract before and during the remodeling process is a must.

Once you have met with the interior designer and you have made your final choices, the plans for your remodel will then be presented to your contractor. He or she, then, will be in contact with you in terms of the cost, the timeline, as well as the different stages of the remodel. Constant communication is key if you want to avoid any errors or misunderstandings.


#03. Once construction commences, there will be a lot of noise.

Having your bathroom remodeled, or any part of your home really, is usually noisy – to the point of intolerability. If you are used to having a nice and quiet home, it is best to know this early that you will lose that tranquility during the whole construction process. If you are working from home, ten you should prepare for some noisy interruptions. Don’t worry, it will all be worth it!


#04. Unexpected things can come up.

Things such as delayed arrival of tiles, someone needing a few sick days, and more, are out of your control – or your contractor’s. When having your bathroom remodeled, keep in mind that things do not always go as planned. There may even be some modifications you would want along the way and thus, the work order will also change. When things do change, the cost and the time frame can also be affected – make sure you are prepared for the possibilities.


#05. Be on-hand to make decisions.

You will have to answer questions about the details of the remodel as it progresses. If you have a busy schedule or if you know that you cannot be as available as you need to, make sure to appoint someone who can make the calls for you instead. The contractor needs to know where cabinets, shelves, outlets, towel racks, etc. should be placed. There are many questions to answer regarding the remodel, so it is best to be ready.


BONUS: Excitement can turn into exhaustion.

It can be because of the constant noise or the general look of your unfinished bathroom – whatever it is, you have to be patient when it comes to remodeling. Nothing worth doing comes easy. Just keep in mind that the inconvenience is only temporary!

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