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Expanding Vertically – Adding a Second Floor to Your Home

Does ripping your roof off to add a new level to your house make you nervous? Does it seem like too drastic a change for you? If it means you’ll gain much-needed space in your home, should you do it? In many cases, a new home level can save homeowners a lot of money. For others, a second level means so much more than gaining additional space – it’s being able to stay in your neighbourhood and continue the wonderful life you already have right now.



There are a few ways your home can be expanded vertically. One, you can completely tear off your roofing to build a new and complete upper level all from scratch. You can have the existing roof severed around the edges and lifted off temporarily to be placed again once the new level is framed in, and you can also expand an additional level out across a section of your existing home like a flat-roof porch or garage.



if you need additional space that is more than just a room or two but feels like your budget won’t be enough for a ground level addition, then adding up is a smart option for you. One of the reasons a vertical remodel costs lower is the fact that no foundation work would be needed. Everyone knows that is among the most costly parts of a remodelling or addition project. However, you have to make sure to get your existing foundation checked to see if it can really support the additional weight.


Lifting off the existing roof and reinstalling it on the added level can save you a lot on roof construction. You’re going to have to rent a crane, but that’s going to cost less than a whole new roofing.


If you dread the idea of having to move and hunt for not just a new house but a good enough neighbourhood, a vertical expansion is perfect, too. Additionally, creating a bigger house within the same footprint has other benefits, both personal and financial. For one, in older neighbourhoods, bigger houses get a higher value faster than some properties in less convenient areas. Also, a home with a second level looks more striking when you view them from the street. But most homeowners agree that the most important benefit is probably intangible – it is being able to keep the home where you have a lot of great memories with your family. Vertical expansions are also ideal for those with a small lot, especially if you want to keep as much outdoor space as possible. This way, you do not have to compromise your landscaping or your garden space!


Here are some of the things you should remember if you’re going to have a vertical expansion done:

*Try to do something about awkward massing – avoid it as much as possible!

*Follow height restrictions in your neighbourhood.

*Ensure sufficient structural support.

*Match windows and other patterns or paint colours with those of the existing story.

*Keep the proportions flawless.


The best thing you can do if you’ve already decided on getting a second level is to hire the most reliable contractor for your project. Call us today and we’ll talk about everything you need to know about vertical additions!


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