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Why do I need a permit?

The building permit is for you, not your contractor. Building permits and inspections protect you from inexperienced or unethical contractors that can cost you money down the road. Inspectors are your professional eyes and ears who are holding your contractor accountable to meet minimum requirements under the provincial building code. Without a building permit, you have no record or assurance of what has actually been done, which can have big financial implications when you try to claim insurance or resell your home. We coordinate the municipal permit and approvals process for all of our commercial and residential clients. And when we hit an obstacle (and we will), we’re skilled at efficiently navigating through it.

When can construction begin?

Construction can begin once structural drawings and survey plans have been submitted and a building permit has been obtained.

How should I prepare for our first meeting or phone conversation?

Our first conversation is purely exploratory. It’s less about the details than it is about the big picture. Some people come to us with plans already drawn and a building site selected; others have concepts in their heads, but no details worked out. We’ll walk you through the process of turning an idea into reality. Our goal is to find out more about what you want, and make suggestions about options you’ll want to consider and why. We will also answer your questions about materials, fixtures, installation methods and the construction process.

Do I need a designer or architect before talking to you?

No. We encourage our clients to contact us as early as possible in the planning process to keep the budget grounded in reality. As builders, our goal is to match your vision, values and tastes with the desired outcome. Some people will seek out a designer because of their signature style but will have little idea of what that style will cost. Having built many different types of homes, we can help you build a more accurate budget before you commit to a design path. Once the cost is clear, we can then connect you with a designer that is an expert in the type of home you want to build. Doing this saves a lot of heartache and headaches down the road.

How long is my project going to take?

Your project length will be determined by its scope. We fully schedule every project before building, so you’ll know exactly how long each phase will take, and be able to track progress with our monthly reporting. If changes need to happen, you will be made aware well in advance.

How do I find a lot?

If you are not currently working with a REALTOR, we will match you with one of the area’s many professional and knowledgeable agents to find a perfect lot. In many cases, our team will work side by side with real estate agents to determine the feasibility of potential land purchases.

Do you build on a purchaser’s own property?

Yes, we do contract build on purchaser’s own property.

What is the best time of year to build?

We build year-round. As long as we can get the foundation in, we can build right through the winter. We have dug foundations in December and January, depending upon the amount of moisture in the subsoil and how deep the frost layer is at the site. Different soils have different properties for moisture retention, and this affects the ability to excavate.

Do you renovate existing homes?

Yes, we do renovations and additions and are happy to meet with clients to discuss new visions for existing homes.

Have you been featured in any articles or magazines?

One of our LIV Homes was featured as "House of the Week" in Toronto Life.

How often are you at the job site?

Frank, the builder is at your project each and every day.

How many homes do you typically have under construction at any given time?

To assure that each home will receive the personal attention it deserves, and to enable us to use only our trusted sub-contractors, we seldom have more than four homes under construction at a time.

What style homes do you build?

Our forte is Modern Homes. But we are a true custom home builder; there is no limit to the styles we can build for you and your family.

How long will my new home or renovation take?

This will of course vary with the details of the site, the time of year, the size and complexity of the home, and to some degree, on the finishing details that you choose

A large custom home might take a year to design and build. A small renovation could take a few weeks, while a large renovation might last six months or more. Keep in mind that this is custom work. Every detail is designed and built exactly to your specifications. That level of craftsmanship and attention to detail required to build a dream home takes time.

We are on a tight budget. Can you guarantee we won’t go over it?

No, no one can. But we can guarantee that you will always know if, and by how much, you are exceeding your budget. You will always be in control. When we put together a budget for the construction of your home, some of the numbers are derived from fixed quotes, historical or scientific data, and other numbers can only be estimated. The comfort we can promise you: you will always know if, when, and by how much you are varying from the initial estimated budget.

Can we use our own suppliers, sub-contractors or trades? Can we do the work ourselves?

We prefer not too, & recommend that you don’t. There can be serious implications to your new home warranty, as well as insurance and site safety. We have a seasoned team of professional suppliers and contractors that are highly reliable in their quality of service, level of craftsmanship, sharp pricing and adherence to project schedules.

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