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Home Builder vs. “Handyman” Builder

From time to time, we need the help of a handyman, but when it comes to looking at a significant investment such as building a new home, is it still a handyman that you should look for? If you are concerned about choosing the right home builder for your new home, here are 7 key differences between a handyman builder and a home builder.


#01. A Handyman Might Not be Legally Operating/Licensed

For any type of contractor, every state requires certain licensing credentials as this gives clients peace of mind. Every contractor must adhere to the regulations on everything – from insurance protection to the setup of client bids and contractual agreements. Many handymen, however, are unaware of these rules – make sure to check thoroughly. True home builders who create residential properties should have a complete awareness of their legal and ethical responsibilities to their clients.


#02. A Handyman Uses More Subs

No handyman can do it all – from the excavating to the plumbing to the electric. The tendency is he will hire subcontractors, or even ask you to hire subcontractors. In the former situation, you would meet and vet each subcontractor, and this may only put more pressure on you to conduct due diligence on their knowledge and authenticity. The latter, on the other hand, can be time-consuming, costly, and overall, a frustrating experience. Professional home builders, however, typically use fewer subs because they have experts who work for them full-time.


#03. A Handyman is Not a Home Designer

Home building companies, like Liv Developments, offer you the opportunity to design your home with them. This is why they are the more popular option amongst families who want a dream home. When you work with a handyman, you need to bring an architect or an interior designer to the table. This process can lead to major communication errors as compared to directly talking to home building experts.


#04. A Handyman May Not Offer Full-Time Oversight

You should expect someone to oversee the construction of your new home. Handymen can be only working part-time, or they may be stretched too thing just to stay on top of site supervision. This can only lead to issues eventually. A home builder, on the other hand, plans on having a point person for your home. He or she should have a complete understanding of all the details, and will manage the timeline, too.


#05. A Handyman Does Not Always Have Access to Top Equipment/Technology

In the home building industry, as with every other industry, incredible improvements have been made – thanks to world-class technology and related systems. Home builders nowadays have access to streamlined platforms and software which allow them to seamlessly engineer dream houses that they can manage from start to finish.


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