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Modern interior of small red kitchen half finished, half 3d illustration clay render

Great Ideas for Kitchen Upgrades

Contrary to popular belief, you do not necessarily need to spend millions just to have a cool kitchen. That’s right – here at Liv Developments, we aim to provide you with your dream home. Here are some great ideas for that awesome kitchen you have been long wanting to have:


Dishwasher in a Drawer

Who says dishwashers cannot be tucked away in private? For a change, you may use dishwasher drawers instead of regular ones. These handy dishwashers offer efficient cleaning for a few dishes. You may install one in a basement game room, in a butler’s pantry, or near your prep area. This pull-out provides an easy sink-side cleanup!


Double Ovens

Double ovens do not just add appeal to your kitchen, but they also provide a main oven that you can use without having to bend over a secondary oven for additional baking or simple plate warming. Separating ovens from the burners allows you to install a cooktop in a kitchen island, for instance, opening up a new floor plan possibility.


Sprawling Floor Plan

A great idea that you can do is knocking down walls in your kitchen. One great wall to knock down is the one behind the stove, making your entire floor more airy and family-friendly. How do you keep clutter at bay, you may ask? Simple: have a new island with cabinets on both sides installed.


Fun Furniture

When picturing your upgraded kitchen, it is best to have fun with furniture. We all know that furniture is a great way to infuse a little colour into an otherwise all-white (and boring) kitchen. You may go for 1950s diner-styled barstools with bright blue vinyl to provide just the right amount of pop.


Freshen up with Fabric

If you are thinking of adding colour and pattern to your kitchen, graphic tile is not the only option. Fabric is one of the budget-friendly solutions that can be easily switched out should you want to update your kitchen’s look on the fly.


Vintage Meets Modern

A white kitchen does not necessarily have to be literally ALL white. You may choose to swap upper cabinets, for instance, for just two small shelves and use a fancy wallpaper with a design that fits your preference. You can always mix and match your vintage look with a more modern one – depending on your accents and colour preferences!


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