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Custom Homes: What are the Benefits of Owning One?

Your house is more than just a building – it is your home; a place where you get away from all the pressure and stress from your job, and where you make lifelong memories with your family. Since you will spend a lot of time in your home relaxing with loved ones, enjoying hobbies, and entertaining friends, your home needs to be a special place which will suit your unique needs. It should also reflect your personal style and it should be something that fits your lifestyle.


Here are some benefits of having a custom home built:



Building a custom home is all about the power of making choices. Since your home will be customized, you have the freedom to choose everything you want – wall and floor coverings, appliances, custom cabinetry, trim, and amenities. If you are not a fan of granite and you want hand-painted tiling in your kitchen instead, you have the power to have it. Love natural lights? Skylights in every room can be installed! From interior to exterior, floor to ceiling, you are now in charge of every detail that goes into creating your own home!



Your custom home will be a direct reflection of your taste, style, and personality. By working with Liv Developments, you will have the opportunity to create a home that will literally be the “home of your dreams”. For instance, you are an art collector – your entire home can be designed to give emphasis to your prized pieces, from specialized lighting to gallery walls. Your furnishings will fit just perfectly because your home will be designed to accommodate all of them.



Your custom home will also be designed entirely around you and this includes your floor plan. So, instead of working around a pre-existing home’s floor plan, or having such limited options with semi-custom home, your floor plan with a custom-built home will be designed to maximize and take advantage of every usable space. Your home will then have the function and flexibility to eliminate any unused space and adapt to your lifestyle and needs. Whether you prefer separate, defined rooms or an open floor plan, it is your call.



When you buy a semi-custom home or a pre-existing one, you do not have much control over the quality of materials being used. The grade of materials will vary from room to room, and it usually includes prefabricated lower-quality materials. Good custom builders such as the experts in Liv Developments only work with trusted tradesmen who are known for providing high-quality materials and performance. With a custom-built home, you can rest assure that it is constructed with only the best products, brands, and materials.


If you are interested in having your own custom-home built, do not hesitate to give us a call today or visit our website. We can’t wait to build you your own dream house soon!


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