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New Home Design Trends to Try

Imagine coming home after a long day’s work, sitting down in your living room, looking around, and thinking to yourself, “I would like a nicer living room to come home to!” or “This area could definitely use a little remodeling.” If you are anything like most homeowners today, you probably want to keep up with the trends, right?


Whether you want a new trendy home that you can move into, or just simply redecorating for a new look, here are some home design trends you should consider:


The Loft

Nowadays, more and more homes are starting to incorporate lofts. These types have an open space higher up in the house which can be converted for any kind of use. Your loft can be turned into a reading nook, a place for your guests to have intimate conversations, or even a place for your kids to have their own creative space. What makes lofts even more fun is the way you get to it. You can spice up your loft by turning a bookcase into a staircase! This makes it more fun for the kids and still accessible for adults.


Outdoor Showers

A refreshing space you would appreciate stepping into on a hot summer’s day (or really, when you just feel like it) is the outdoor shower. Nothing is more pleasing than taking a shower to the sounds of nature. Taking a shower in your own private garden is now a possibility! You can even get a nice tan while cooling down. Outside showers are not only luxurious, but they are actually practical, too. Before hopping into the pool, you can now rinse off with an outdoor shower. After swimming, you can simply wash off the chlorine in a more convenient manner.


Minimal Tubs

A number of people admit that they do not use their bathtubs too often. When they do, however, they prefer it to be in a more secluded area. The bathtub is no longer the adorning feature in the center of your bathroom. The freestanding tub is excellent for this. It is not just practical in terms of placement, but it is also classy and vintage. You can have it anywhere in your bathroom – it can be up against a window, or you can place it in a more private corner. Having a freestanding tub also maximizes the space in the bathroom!


Once you have found the perfect home, or when you have finished your remodeling projects, you can finally sit back and enjoy. Now, coming home from work is a whole new experience that will make you feel good the moment you step into the space. Visit our website today and let us help you have that contentment!



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